“In tradicional Media, the relationship between the information focused on the problem and the solution is quite unequal. Distorts reality is discouraging and deprives people of knowledge to assess the risks and recognize opportunities.” David Bornstein, journalist

Mentor interview in 2015 | RDP Internacional “Câmara dos Representantes”




Audio Press Portugal is a internacional podcast on multiplatforms for all portuguese speakers all over the world.

Portuguese is the third european language in number of speakers.

We investigate and produce exclusive interviews based on the merit of the Portuguese and Portuguese descendants.

Our presence on FM

We distribute our interviews through a network of partners which includes our local and regional radio stations on FM, the oldest in the country. Are being followed by the web via emigrants because the majority of these radio stations are online too.

  • Currently cover about 80% of the national territory


  • More than 30 radios (August 2016) whose number has continued to increase


  • Our interviews pass more than 100 times per week. Contracted numbers with each radio


  • Some of these radios, as well as being the issue also online are issuing for new cable platforms “Meo Radio” with range of millions (Radio VFM for example).

Our presense on the WEB

  • Web radios, exclusive on web


  • Radios of Portuguese communities around the world


  • enterprise platforms


  • online newspapers


  • Mobile apps:


Android systems => via soundcloud

iPad and iPhone => via iTunes
and we are in social media: Facebook and Twitter.


Our distribution network is unique, solid and adds traditional media to digital media.


Audio Press Portugal player on business platform and magazine “Ver.pt” – Values, Ethic and Responsability”.

Leitor do APP no VER a 1 Agosto de 2016 2Leitor do APP no VER a 1 Agosto de 2016


The social media audio sharing platform , Soundcloud

  •  With free mobile app


Imagem do Soundcloud a 04082016


A year after being implemented (2013), Audio Press Portugal was finalist for the National Multimedia Prize.

In 2014 the mentor of the project, Mafalda Ramos, is honored by the Portuguese State and the civil society, through a Praise, the Noble House of Citizenship.


Louvor on line mural da memoria


“On behalf of Altruism values, detachment and character, Noble House of Citizenship has the honor to pay tribute to Mafalda Ramos for authoring the Noble Act to seek daily good news, highlighting the best of what is done and exists in Portugal in the last two years.

Altruistically occupies part of their day to motivate and encourage others by giving them hope and examples needed to face each day with determination and lively spirit.”


Noble House of Citizenship | Institutional Council

National Civil Protection Authority
Catholic scouts
Directorate General for Education
General Staff of the Armed Forces
GRACE – Respponsabilidade Corporate Social
FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology
Among others

“I am what I do with what I know. I believe there are much more “positive news” than negative

I want to give voice to merit protagonists and to disclose these positive facts of the Portuguese collective life, motivating us all”. M.R.


Audition from mobile phones has shown a remarkable growth.

After arrange presence in Android via Soundcloud system we are now also present in iTunes (iPad and iPhone systems) with daily audition from dozens of countries.

In the first week of October 2015 the audience via Soundcloud went beyond 400 by day.

On our facebook page are regularly disseminated statistics as well as news from our partners.


Average duration

Five minutes

Management, production, voiceover and sound edition

Mafalda Ramos


Gustavo Neves, Salome Fonseca, Rafaela Santos, Miguel Lima and Sara Regina Freitas
Music accompanying each interview

Maestro Nuno Malo “Portugal Alegre”

Cortesy for this project, from these portuguese maestro, winner of a Hollywood prize.

Music introduction and the end of production of the “carpet interviews”

Maestro Pedro Correia